So after an hour sat on a train i arrived at a small village called bempton, After 15 minutes of walking i arrived at Rspb Bempton Cliffs and was greeted by friendly staff who gave me a map and asked what birds i wanted to see.rspb bempton cliffsI told her the gannets and the puffins are at the top of the list, Then she explained where was best to go to see them. So the first place i headed for was the viewpoint called Grandstand, The cliffs were a mass of activity, both on the rocks, where all manner of birds were nesting, bickering, stealing nest materials, feeding and decorating the rocks, as well as in the air.rspb bempton cliffs After a short break from shooting, i visited the other viewpoint’s and the views where spectacular too. So after a couple of hours shooting it was time for me to catch my train home.rspb bempton cliffs