The journey to Knowsley Safari Park is a long one from Hull , But David from Freer’s made the journey fun. I got there with plenty of time to spare, so finding my guides David and Janet was easy as no visitors was there yet. While we were waiting for the other photographers to arrive we had a chat about what we wanted out of the day. After chat and safety brief we were put into 2 jeeps and taken to the tigers.

Knowsley tiger

After half an hour the tigers did not want to play.Next we moved onto the pride of lions, which was staying in today because the grass was getting cut, which was a shame.

Knowsley lion

We parked the jeeps and headed to the back enclosure, where the pride looked like they where just waking up, after spending a bit of time photographing the pride, it was time to go for the drive round.We started off photographing the various deers around the park , then we headed to the rhino’s (wow their amazing animals) after spending half an hour with the rhino’s it was time to move on to the baboons,

Knowsley baboons

we spent the next hour photographing them. Its funny how much personality they have, and how much they act like us.After the tour was over we where allowed to stay in the park, so some of us went to see the elephants, giraffe’s and meerkats. At this point the others had to leave so I went to watch the bird of prey show, after that had finished it was time to go home. The safari park is a 550 acre park located in the North West of England, and home to over 700 animals I would highly recommend any photographer or family to go Knowsley safari park, its well worth the journey there.

Knowsley baboon