Since I’ve been photographing wildlife, each year i make a ‘bucket list’ of places i want to travel to capture images. Donna nook was on the list for 2018, And after sorting a day and traveling, Its the place that finished my 2018.


Upon arrival at Donna nook, It was actually not that busy, not sure if it was the cold and windy weather that put people off but it was lovely for me.

I got straight in photographing the seals. when i first saw them i was amazed. The cows (female seals)was feeding their babies, Bulls (male seals) fighting in the distance. The pup’s was absolutely adorable, they reminded me of puppies. They’re all such beautiful animals and I’m glad i was lucky enough to go and take some stunning images of them.

After a couple of hours taking photos, it was time to head off home to back up and crack on with editing them. Donna nook is an amazing place and definitely on my list to visit again in 2019.

you can check out the gallery Here.