British WildLife Centre

I couldn’t quite believe it when I got an email telling me that I had been selected in the ballot for a place on the British Wildlife Centre with Nikon. The journey from hull to london was a long one and a very early start, Lucky for me it was a two train journey. I managed to get there 1 hour early so had to wait a while lol. After the briefing with Nick and Richard Peters it was time to head out to the first enclosure, which was the foxes.

The first enclosure the foxes didn’t want to play so we moved to a different enclosure, After some time He came out to play, posing very well for the group to get some awesome images. After half an hour or so it was time to move on to the little owl.

When the keeper brought the little owl out I couldn’t quite believe how cute these owls were.

After some amazing images it was time to move onto the Scottish wild cat…he was very chilled out and reminded me of a house cat only very bigger, he was absolutely beautiful.

Next we went on to see the otters, which i found them not on the shy side at all, in fact they kept coming right up to my camera that close i couldn’t focus purely on them, although richard did give us all a challenge to see if we could get an image of them running with all their paws off the ground… i didn’t manage this one challenge but did manage some images with 2 paws solely off the ground which i am happy with.

By that time it was almost the end of the meet up and time to leave but not before we saw some stoats, weasels and not forgetting some badgers which i managed to get some shots of.After we wrapped up the busy but fun-filled and enjoying day, it was time for me to start my long journey home but with lots of images and memories to add to my collection and love of wildlife.

You can check out the full gallery here.