What a busy year at Jason ward photography. At the beginning of 2017 I wrote down places and animals I wanted to photograph, out of all of them there was one I didn’t manage to do.

The year kicked off with seeing great crested grebes, which I have worked with most of the year after discovering a breeding pair on a local lake .


North Cave wetlands was my second outing of the year, where I saw lots of little egrets, heron’s and lapwings. I didn’t have a lot of time there but still got some awesome shots.

Next on my bucket list was Bempton cliffs for the second year. It always is a beautiful but busy reserve to visit. You always see a mixed of photographers and hikers, and day-to-day people. I would always recommend a visit here.


The British wildlife centre was a highlight for me. Winning a place on the Nikon meet-up and Richard Peters, a professional wildlife photographer. I got to photograph otters, little owls, foxes, weasels, badgers and a Scottish wild cat. I plan on making another trip to London.

Another trip to Bempton cliffs got me time to spend some time with the puffins on my own away from the crowds. This is one of my favorite shots.

Far ings just across the Humber bridge, is where i got to see a kingfisher, but didn’t manage to photograph as it saw loads of other photographers in the hide. I’ve seen the marsh harrier and a great white egret and herons here.

I’ve scouted out places, where there are known hares and loads of roe deer, which I got some good shots at 6 am. I plan to go back early next year.

2018 has started and finished a busy year. In 2019 I plan to visit more places and photograph more wildlife.